Welcome to the world's most secure, fast, easy to use Decentralized exchange platform.

Thar Dex exchange is in deveplopment mode

Thar Exchange

How to use Thar exchange

• create account or unlock wallet with MetaMask, private key, Keystore file or more

• deposit funds from main wallet to exchange account

• start trading


Level of privacy

No personal details are required, as it is a high level of privacy and all the transactions are anonymous.

Legality & Regulations

Due to Distributed Ledger nature, Decentralized Exchange's Governments and Regulations are unable to interfere.

No Risk

Hosting of Decentralized Exchange is distributed through nodes, so there is no possibility for risk and infrastructure downtime.

Customizable Contract

DEX platforms run with the programmable smart contract allowing the Market Makers to set the fee for transactions.

Fast Transaction

The Cryptos can be directly transferred without being passed to any third party wallets, so each transaction happens quickly.

Extra security

Thar exchange is coming with extra security features. Thar exchange is Fast, easy to use.

Mobile application

Thar exchange mobile application will live soon. In application user will get extra fast and very easy to use experience.